DENHOLME is an ideal place for Neighbourhood Watch schemes, says the crime prevention scheme’s coordinator.

Howard Buckley visited Denholme Town Council to tell members how to set up schemes in streets in the village.

One town councillor has already set up a Neighbourhood Watch in streets around Seven Acres.

Mr Buckley said a Neighbourhood Watch could bring crime down by 80 per cent, and helped build understanding between neighbours and a relationship with the police.

He said one resident volunteered to be a coordinator, and was encouraged to use social media. A sign in the street would provide a visible deterrent.

Mr Buckley said residents could report anything that did not look right by ringing 101.

Denholme Town Council will post information on its website about local crime figures. Councillors heard that police have visited some local schools to tackle indiscriminate parking.

Residents were advised to ring Bradford Council’s Parking Services Department about badly-parked cars.