THERE are breathtaking South Craven views on this walk.

Start from Holy Trinity Church at Ickornshaw, at the western end of village.

From the church gate, take the road opposite through the hamlet of Ickornshaw. After crossing the beck, a path climbs left to the main road.

Go briefly left and cross to a small gate. A faint path ascends the field, through a gate and along to a small gate in the wall ahead.

Bear right above Lower Summer House onto a walled path rising to an access track. Advance straight on to a gate, but don’t pass through: instead, take one on the left to descend a wall-side path.

At the bottom, it runs to a gate in front of the main beck. Across, a walled track climbs to a narrow road at Deanfield.

Turn left to Court House Farm on the right, and cross the yard to a gate into a field. Follow the wall away to a small gate onto a green way, and go left to its demise at another gate.

Climb the steep bank on the right to reveal Wainman’s Pinnacle. Advance straight up the fields to Hallan Hill and follow the farm’s drive onto moorland.

As it turns right, a path bears left to a distinct edge, then rises above gritstone outcrops to the Pinnacle.

Earl Crag is a mile-long outcrop, whose second occupant, Lund’s Tower, is now revealed at the far end.

The Pinnacle is better known as Cowling Pinnacle, and the local panorama includes Farnhill Moor, Pinhaw Beacon and various villages.

Follow the obvious promenade along the crest to Lund’s Tower. Known locally as Cowling Tower or Sutton Pinnacle, its 39 spiral steps access a viewing platform.

Leave by a path from the fence, which descends steps onto a road. Turn left just as far as the drive to a derelict house on the right.

Ignoring this, descend half-left to a gate, below which is a short enclosed way. At the end follow the left-hand wall down through several fields, eventually reaching a gate from where the wall swings right to a corner gate.

A track runs the short way to High Malsis: don’t enter the farmyard but take a gate just below to some houses, whose access road descends to the A6068 opposite Malsis School.

Cross and go left to the junction. Take the side road, crossing Lumb Mill Bridge and passing Lumb Mill Farm. Just beyond a branch right, leave by one to the left, descending to Lane Ends Bridge.

Over it, re-cross the beck on a footbridge and cross to stones steps.

At the top, the path turns left to close in on the beck, passing a small pond and a limekiln. After a confluence, cross a broad footbridge and a path bears right to a junction beneath Wood House.

Bear right up past the house on the byway, which leads unerringly back, broadening into a firm track at a barnyard to emerge by the church.

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