THE mystery of Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Thackeray Dress’ will be unpicked at 3pm on June 9.

Dress historian Eleanor Houghton will talk about Charlotte’s blue and white delaine dress at the West Lane Baptist Centre in Haworth.

She will offer an insight into the subsequent ownership of the garment, it’s cut and its construction, as well as the production and printing of the fabric. She will also attempt to answer the question of whether the dress was worn to a dinner held in Charlotte’s honour at the home of William Makepeace Thackeray in June 1850.

Finally, following a recent collaboration with the Department of Electro-Chemistry at the University of Southampton, she will reveal new findings that offer scientific insight into the fibres, dyes, mordants and methods used to produce the beautiful blue fabric that remains vivid to this day.

Eleanor is in the third year of her PhD at the University of Southampton, and is focusing her studies on the clothing of Charlotte Brontë.

Visit or call 01535 640192 to book tickets, which cost £6.