THIS wonderful walk starts from the village centre.

From the green, take the Litton road past the church and across the bridge over the Skirfare.

From a stile on the right, head downstream to a stile onto a road.

From one opposite, a path slants through two fields into Byre Bank Wood. It leaves by negotiating Pot Scar at the top, with a gate above.

Maintaining this course, the path slants to a kissing-gate, entering a heathery tract.

A little further, maintain the slant and beyond a collapsed wall, a level section precedes a swing uphill to merge with the wall to your right.

From the stile, the path crosses to another in the ridge-wall on Old Cote Moor.

From the walk’s highest point, Buckden Pike and Great Whernside dominate the scene ahead.

Descent to Kettlewell commences immediately, the village quickly appearing.

Inclining right through a low scar, the path slants down to cross a track near a gate in the descending wall, and down a little further to a stile in it.

Continuing down, a track is crossed before a plateau precedes The Slit, a well-used way through a limestone scar. The path then drops to a wall-stile, below which it meets a track. Turn right to the road at the entrance to Kettlewell. Though the route lies to the right, the pubs and cafes of Kettlewell may well delay you.

Return over the bridge and just beyond your point of arrival, take a path parallel with the road.

Through a gate further on, the route slants through scattered trees to leave the wood at a bridle-gate.

The path rises right outside the wood, through old walls to a broad gap at the wood corner.

Ascending to a stile above, the path rises left through a low scar and continues to a pair of cairns marking the highest point of this return crossing.

A level course leads to a stile in the ridge-wall. Just beyond is a cairn from where the path turns right to descend into Littondale.

Joining the wall below you trace it along, ultimately dropping between walls to the road in Hawkswick. Turn right past the houses to a footbridge, across which take a stile on the right to accompany the Skirfare upstream.

One field beyond a side-stream, you are deflected by a wall away from the river to a gate, then across a field to rejoin it at an eroded bend.

After another side,stream, pass right of a barn to a gate, then bear left across the field to a stile in the far wall. Over an old pathway, continue with the wall on your left, and through a gate at the end advance to the river.

A riverbank stroll through the last fields leads back to the village, passing right of the former vicarage, where a kissing-gate sends a path back to the church.

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