KEIGHLEY-district schools are being urged to sign-up for a memorial football tournament.

Teams are being sought for the third annual Remembering Srebrenica event, which takes place on July 12.

Organisers are seeking 8,372 children to take part – matching the number of men and boys killed due to their Muslim faith during the Bosnia-Herzegovina genocide in 1995.

Participating schools hold their own matches or tournaments on the same day. Free resources are provided.

Last year's initiative included an event for Keighley and Bradford schoolchildren.

It was organised by Alina Khan, who works with Bradford Council's education safeguarding team.

"Football is a great way to bring together young people from different faiths and backgrounds," she said.

"This initiative allows us to remind our community where hatred can lead and the importance of team solidarity, regardless of background.

"It's so important that young people feel empowered to challenge all forms of hatred; after all it is them who will become our future leaders.

"This event contributes to the work that young people have been involved in as part of the Stand up, Speak out Make a Difference programme across the district.

"I hope more schools get involved and use the tournament as an opportunity to teach young people the consequences of hatred."

The venture is backed by the FA and several high-profile footballers.

For more details and to sign-up, visit