KEIGHLEY filmgoers can this month explore how President Kennedy’s wife Jackie reacted to his assassination.


Keighley Film Club is screening the movie Jackie which has been described as compelling by the Guardian newspaper.


Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said the movie, which stars Natalie Portman in the title role, would immerse its audience in the 1960s.


He said: “Director Pablo Lorrain has constructed a film which focuses on the tragic event and the events leading up to and those that follow as seen through the eyes of Jackie.


“This is done by the use of flashbacks and detail emerging from interviews with a reporter


“Portman skilfully portrays Jackie in a mesmirizing and engaging manner as a determined lonely woman dealing with loss, grief, post traumatic stress disorder while consoling her children, building John F Kennedy's legacy, planning his funeral and arranging to leave her temporary home so abruptly.”


Mr Watkinson said Portman played a haunting psychological role of a woman swept along by a terrifying piece of American history.


He added: “More than one reviewer thought she expressed the layered emotions of the First Lady accurately as the audience could share her isolation, nostalgia for what might have been and the need for tenacity necessary for what had to be done.


“All this along with the other issues mentioned without succumbing to a nervous breakdown indicates how cleverly Portman weaved Jackie’s persona. Her role drew praise across the ideological spectrum as one of the finest character studies of the year.”


The film also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy and John Hurt as the Priest, we both playing a significant part in the film.


The priest counsels Jackie in helping her cope with the trauma and the transition to 'ordinary life'.


Jackie has drawn 150 nominations including three Oscars, and won 39 around the world.


Jackie will be screened at Keighley Picture House, North Street, on Sunday, June 18 from 6pm. The screening is open to all aged 15 and above.