FROM the market square cross the main road and along Kirkgate.

Under the railway keep straight on, with a supermarket on the left.

At the bend leave the road for a footway left of the fire station. At the end swing right round the back of Kings Mill.

Go left onto a footbridge over the Ribble and turn upstream to the main road bridge.

Cross the road and head off along an enclosed path between sports fields.

At the end join the river briefly before entering a field. Cross to a stile at the far end to walk above a steep wooded riverbank.

Emerging again, bear left to a stile onto Stackhouse Lane. Turn right to the edge of the hamlet of Stackhouse.

For a closer look take the first rough road into it, turning first right along what becomes a cart track, then right again back onto the road.

A few yards further, an enclosed path runs right to meet the Ribble at the Locks, with a weir and cottages.

Don’t cross the river but instead turn upstream with the river.

At the end of a long pasture after an old paper mill you are briefly parted from the Ribble, passing a lively spring, but otherwise its bank leads unerringly to the waterfall of Stainforth Force.

Just past it you reach 17th century Stainforth Bridge. Turn left up the road past the caravan site to a junction at Little Stainforth, alongside its imposing hall.

Turn left along Stainforth Lane for a few minutes to a stile on the right. Head directly across the field, aiming between two barns ahead. A

stile is located as you approach the wall, the first of several maintaining a near straight line.

Approaching a wood bear right outside it, on through a gateway where a cart track leads down to a path junction above Stackhouse.

Go straight on beneath trees outside the wall, the track running to a gate onto Stackhouse Lane.

Without joining the road advance straight on the field bottom.

The way runs on via another stile above the road, and after crossing a drive to a stile, cross the field to a stile by the bottom of Lord’s Wood.

Ignoring a stile into trees turn left on a path along a field top to a stile towards the end, beyond the wood.

Cross the cart track and head along a broad, enclosed path, rising gently to reach the end of a suburban street.

This drops onto the main road through Giggleswick opposite the Harts Head.

Cross and turn right down Belle Hill. While your route is left along Bankwell Road, first look right on Church Street, revealing the ancient church and Black Horse.

Round a bend on Bankwell Road take a snicket left between tall walls: this path runs on to emerge onto the riverbank by the early footbridge. Retrace steps to the start.