PARA Pom Cheer classes are starting in Keighley for people with special needs.

Award-winning Keighley cheerleading troupe Team X-Treme will host sessions open to anyone of any age with physical, mental or sensory disabilities.

Team X-Treme boss Sian Reid is inviting people to meet a team at an open day on Saturday, August 26 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, at the wheelchair-accessible practice rooms at Cavendish Court.

Carers can attend the open day where appropriate.

Sian said: “The classes will be coached by our amazing Jess Partington, whom has many years cheerleading experience and specialises in Para Cheer coaching.

“Everyone is welcome to familiarise themselves with the training environment and to obtain a better understanding of what we have planned, what we would like to achieve and what we have to offer.

“We are hoping to take a Para Pom Cheer Team to compete, however there is no expectation for individuals to pursue anything they are not comfortable or confident with.”

E-mail for further information.