The Wedding Singer – Leeds Grand

BACK TO the Eighties for musicals fans in a stage adaptation of the entertaining romantic comedy film.

Cassie Compton perfectly captures the kooky charm of Drew Barrymore while Jon Robyns gives a likeable portrayal of the Adam Sandler character.

He is a popular wedding singer dumped at the altar by his rock chick girlfriend, while she is the loveable waitress preparing to marry a slick city trader.

The moment Robbie and Julia meet by accident, we the audience know they’re destined to end up together.

Their path to true love – at a Vegas wedding surrounded by 80s tribute artists – is paved with comedy, misunderstandings, betrayals, self-loathing and some surprisingly potty-mouthed moments.

The songs showcase a host of 80s musical styles, some recalling particular hits of the decade: those in the first half are irresistibly catchy pop numbers, while the second half introduces some variety to keep us interested.

In a show that’s unashamedly cheesy and milks the 80s nostalgia to the max, Ray Quinn is suitably oily as trader Glen and Ruth Madoc – Gladys in 80s sitcom HiDeHi, is hilarious as grannie Rosie.

The Wedding Singer is certainly not a work of art, and it’s not even a classic of the fun pop musicals genre, but it’s enjoyable while it lasts.

• Grand Theatre, Leeds, until Saturday. Visit or call 084 4848 2700 to book tickets.