A CARER ordered to pay back only £10 after fleecing £16,000 from his bed-bound grandmother will have to refund her in full if he comes into money such as a lottery win, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Jamie Hutchinson, 20, was locked up for 18 months in March this year for defrauding quadriplegic Lynn Hall, 70, of Keighley, while using her bank card to do her shopping.

Hutchinson was out of custody when he returned to the court yesterday for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Mark Brookes, for the Crown, said Hutchinson's benefit from the fraud was agreed at £16,635. His available assets were £10, to be paid in compensation to his grandmother.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, was told there was no more money to be got from Hutchinson.

"There must have been a thorough investigation but the public sometimes finds these orders hard to understand," he said.

Stephen Wood, representing Hutchinson, told the court: "It is what we used to call 'a Littlewoods order'."

If Hutchinson wins the pools, or gains any other cash windfall, financial investigators will ensure his grandmother is repaid in full.

"I think we will call it 'a Lotto order'," Judge Durham Hall said.

The £10 must be paid within 28 days.

Hutchinson stole from Mrs Hall while caring for her at her Keighley home.

He then moved to Teesside and was arrested when police checks were made when he applied for a local carer’s job.

Hutchinson offered to help care for Mrs Hall after her husband died.

She set up a new account with Lloyds Bank but her balance had dropped from nearly £28,000 in March, 2016, to £8,000 three months later.

Hutchinson's criminality came to light in June last year when Mrs Hall’s brother, Edmund Bland, opened one of her bank statements and noticed a number of unusual outgoings.

The card was then cancelled and the police began an investigation.

Hutchinson, who pleaded guilty to fraud, told officers he had used the money to repay debts to friends and to stay in hotels to “get away from the caring side of things”.

While away from the Keighley area, he texted his grandmother, saying: “I’m so sorry for what I did, I’ll pay back every penny” and “hopefully, one day you’ll forgive me and I’ll be able to come home, love you always."