My Fair Lady -- Keighley Musical Theatre Company

I’VE got rather accustomed to this wonderful show.

My parents took me to see the original West End production of My Fair Lady in 1958 with the inimitable Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews and I have loved the show ever since.

I saw the film as soon as it came out with my teenage crush, Audrey Hepburn, playing Eliza Doolittle so beautifully.

The last time I saw the show live was at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester when a very tipsy Peter O’Toole charmed a full house as Henry Higgins whilst John Thaw played the awful dustman, Alfred Doolittle beautifully and the lovely Liz Robertson sang her way through a rush of my favourite show songs without missing a beat.

So when I went to see the Keighley production of the show this week it not only rekindled nostalgic memories of nearly 60 years ago, but provided the cast a heavy pedigree to live up to.

I was not disappointed. In fact I thought that overall it was a beautifully done show with a cast that threw themselves into it with unflagging enthusiasm and energy. Quite breathtaking at times.

Nicky Burrows as Eliza was quite outstanding and showed just the right mix of tenderness and belligerence throughout. She coupled this with complete command of her movement around the stage and her singing, particularly my favourite, Wouldn’t It Be Luverly, blew me away.

Mark Rundle is a very good actor, and on this showing a fine singer too. Like Nicky, his movement around the stage was impeccable and his timing was excellent throughout. Comparisons are unfair I know, but I would have liked Mark to be a little more pompous (a la Rex Harrison), but that is just me being very picky.

Jonny Tate WAS Alfred Doolittle! He fitted into the role as though he was born to it. Some of his facial expressions were hilarious and his timing was terrific, and I’m just glad Jonny doesn’t empty my bins every Thursday.

David Brett played a buffoonish Colonel Pickering but perhaps was not quite buffoonish enough. Some of his dress options jarred a little – wonky bowtie; horribly rumpled trousers and a rogue dress collar, but I was there to look for such things.

The dancers, like the excellent orchestra, never flagged, and the ensemble were outstanding in every respect. Space for a large cast was tight but the movements were slick and very well rehearsed.

The small parts all excelled excelled, and I must pass on my congratulations to Kevin Moore, John Sandland and Judith Chapman for putting together an outstanding and hugely enjoyable show. Th

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Martin Carr