A DETAILED planning application for a major Keighley commercial development, first announced in February of this year, has been submitted to Bradford Council.

The firm PH Holdings wants to build eight large commercial buildings on land to the north west of Keighley Industrial Park, off Royd Ings Avenue.

The land consists of green fields lying between the A629 bypass to the west and the River Aire to the east, directly north of a turning circle at the western end of the industrial park.

A detailed design statement, put together by the applicant's agent Michael Ainsworth Design Partnership, says the development would be raised up on stilts to contend with any flooding.

It explains: "The main structures and access road are proposed to be elevated on stilts. This allows the site to be retained as flood storage.

"The voids to the underside of the structures will be open, with a mesh grill.

"This allows for water and wildlife to pass through, but will prevent any debris collecting to the underside in the event of a flood."

As reported in the Keighley News early this year, the development could generate hundreds of jobs and cost millions to build.

The latest plans indicating what the completed scheme could look like shows eight properties accommodating nine commercial units on the 26.4 acre site.

A new access road would extend north from the existing turning circle.

The design statement notes that the site will be landscaped to minimise the visual impact of the buildings, adding: "It is our clients’ intention to provide a quality development that economically supports Keighley and the surrounding area."

It also states: "Careful consideration has been given to the design of the scheme to ensure that its impact is low.

"Roof lines are similar to adjacent existing commercial units. And the site as a whole is lower than the adjacent A629 dual carriageway.

"The buildings will have a total footprint of 43,960 square metres.

"Landscaping proposals for the development will ensure that wildlife around the site is unaffected, and will help it blend into the local upland pasture landscape.

"The choice of galvanised steel cladding, with non-gloss finish will prevent any solar glare from roofs.

"Proposed means of access will be from the existing highway on Royd Ings Industrial estate, and will comprise the principal and only vehicle access to and from the site.

"Pedestrian access is also from this point.

"The proposed development has been designed and laid out to provide adequate space and facilities for able and the disabled.

"Disabled car parking space will be provided for visitors as part of the parking proposals, adjacent to the principle entrances of the structures."