THIS walk alongside the fledgling River Aire shows that Gordale Scar and the famous Cove aren’t the only beauty spots around Malham.

Leave the green by the phonebox, crossing the main road to one opposite. After the last buildings and before a bend take a gate on the right, with another behind.

Head away along the fieldside, transferring to the other side of a fence when the wall departs.

Further, pass left of a house onto Scosthrop Lane.

Turn left for a long half-mile, dropping to a level section. From a stile on the right ascend the wallside, passing left of a small wood to a stile on Warber Hill, and down by the wall leading away.

Through a wall-stile at the bottom, cross a tiny bridge then rise left towards trees. A stile puts you on a farm track, across which descend outside a wood.

Before another wood at the bottom, slant right through a wall to a kissing-gate into trees. Descend to a footbridge onto a lane by Kirkby Malham church.

Turn right, walk over the crossroads by the Victoria pub. Shortly after this you can turn left on a lane curving around to the road on the village edge.

From a stile on the right cross the field to one opposite, and across another field to a stile revealing Scalegill Mill.

Descend to the entrance then pass left outside it. Head away alongside the mill-race and above the millpond.

At the end, advance along a field to a stile revealing Aire Head Springs, the first naming of the River Aire.

Advance onwards alongside Malham Beck, then join an access track but then ignoring it to resume over a slab bridge.

Malham will be reached through two final fields.

Cross the beck in the village by a footbridge at the forge, and double back downstream. The lane ends at a bridle-gate from where a path crosses two fields to fork at a kissing-gate.

Advance straight on to another, with a clapper-bridge behind on Gordale Beck, beyond which it meets Malham Beck. Downstream pass through an old wall then slant up to a kissing-gate.

Heading away, a path dips through a hollow to a kissing-gate. Advance to a gate then a wall corner ahead.

Bear left but angle away from the wall, a faint path crossing to a gate above a house. Ahead is a small gate onto a lane in Hanlith.

Turn down to Hanlith Bridge, and from its near side accompany the river through parkland.

From a kissing-gate at the end continue on, and just short of the end two small gates send the wallside path away from the river.

When the wall leaves keep straight on, past a fence corner to a small footbridge. Don’t cross but turn right to a footbridge over the Aire.

From the path rising left fork left to a stile, and beyond a kissing-gate advance to a mill-race at a footbridge.

The path traces this to Airton Mill. Pass to the right onto a road, and the green is up to the right.