KEIGHLEY’S North-Eastern Gas Board offices are seen here in 1961 beyond the ruins of Messrs Aaron King and Company’s brewery being demolished on the opposite side of Cooke Lane.

When the gas offices had opened in 1902, they included showrooms, gas stove stores and repair shops.

Impressively three storeys high, they comprised “a handsome and commodious block”.

In an era that prided itself on its public buildings, both outside and in, even an “elegantly carved mahogany screen in the enquiry office” was singled out for praise.

But all this was to be demolished in 1966, during a spectacular clearance scheme that would also claim other notable landmarks, like ET Wall’s bonded warehouse, the Conservative Club and the Salvation Army Citadel. The Airedale Shoping Centre now occupies the site.

The photo was supplied by Kevin Seaton, of Riddlesden.