BARGAIN hunters queue for the closing-down sale at the Direct Walk Round Store in Cooke Lane in 1966.

This popular venture had been opened by Direct Woollen Supply Ltd in 1958, and its comparatively short life went out with a bang.

The doors opened at noon on the first day of the sale, but this queue had started forming by 9.30am.

It was headed by a mother from Guard House hoping for clothes for her two children. Next was a woman who had come from Skipton out of curiosity and the off-chance of a desirable bargain.

Although advertisements offered half-price sales, many items cost more.

A Keighley News reporter noted the best offers were on coats and furniture, whereas the shoe department gave mainly only a ten per cent reduction.

The sale lasted for three weeks, after which the store closed for demolition during development of the Airedale Shopping Centre. This is another photograph from Kevin Seaton.