MAGIC enthusiasts at Parkside School again showed their amazing knowledge of boy wizard Harry Potter.

Students at the Cullingworth school helped organise this year’s annual Harry Potter Book Night.

Librarian Lesley Watson said: "After the sorting ceremony, the students created fantastic beast collages which were judged by our resident Beast experts.

“Students then worked out what was hatching from different eggs, felt the magical creatures in feely boxes, and raised awareness of house elf welfare by making hats and bookmarks."

“They even helped clear up the staff room after a delivery of socks went wrong - Gryffindor students managed to pick up 33 of them to earn extra house points, out of a total of 86.”

There were refreshments while students completed in the House Quiz, with Ravenclaw emerging as the winners after a tie-break.

The ‘house prefects’ who helped run the event were Connor Luby, Jordan Pullen, Eleanor Vidic and Skye Lintott. The ‘Beast experts’ were Claire Whitaker and Ann-Marie Smedley.