EMBRACE will release their latest album on March 2 and are playing a promotional tour that will finish in Leeds.

The band, whose member Mike Heaton was a drum teacher in Keighley, can be seen at the city’s O2 Academy on April 7.

The band have already released singles The Finish Line and Wake Up Call from the forthcoming album Love Is A Basic Need, and have now released Never as a download with pre-orders of the album.

The song features a duet between Embrace singer Danny McNamara and Kerri Watt, which the pair debuted in front of over 70,000 people at Cardiff Millennium Stadium during shows with Coldplay last year.

Never is described as a love song with a dark twist that builds to a euphoric and heartfelt chorus. The video is an epic live performance that further showcases this powerful track.

Danny said: “We always heard it as a natural duet between two people who have very different takes on the same fraught situation; fighting for a toxic relationship and never giving up because they can’t imagine being with anyone else.”

Twenty years into their recording career, with three previous number one albums and six Top 10 singles behind them, Embrace are making an epic and emphatic return with their seventh studio album.

Danny added: “The album is about the realisation that without food or water or shelter you die, but the same is also true of love. We set out to make an album where every song on it would stand up against the best songs we’ve ever written, and I’m pretty confident we’ve done just that.”