SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies has accused Motability of “losing sight” of its purpose to help disabled people maintain their independence.

He spoke after it was revealed the organisation was sitting on reserves of £2.4 billion and was paying its chief executive £1.7million a year.

Motability allows disabled people to lease cars, wheelchairs or scooters in return for part of their state disability allowance.

During an urgent question in Parliament Mr Davies said it was clear disabled people did not need to pay such high costs for their vehicles.

He asked: “Isn’t it the case that not only has the tax payer been overpaying over the years but also disabled people have been overpaying from their benefits to pay for this scheme.

“Surely they could be getting exactly the same benefits, for a lower amount of money per week and that money could be given back to disabled people to help them pay for their other living costs?”

Questioning Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey told Mr Davies that she supported an investigation. She said the National Audit Office would look into the matter.