WHAT remains of Cononley lead mine can be found on the moors of Cononley and Glusburn. Permission to work the mine was first granted by Henry VIII in 1530AD. Due to an influx of miners from Derbyshire, Cornwall and Wales the population of Cononley grew rapidly.

From the bridge by the shop walk up Main Street past the New Inn.

You can then leave by a drive on the left on the near side of Cononley Institute.

It bridges a beck and climbs steeply, becoming enclosed.

As it turns sharp right for Town Head Farm, continue up a walled green way.

Through a gate at the top turn right with a rising wall. Beyond a stile the track eases out to reach Great Gib and Little Gib.

Stiles lead past the rear of the houses, then advance straight on their access road.

The road swings right to pass the former Cononley Lead Mine, where a little gate gives access.

The access road leads out onto a road, where go left to Four Lane Ends.

Cross to the Lothersdale road, and opposite buildings, drop left to a stile/gate.

A track descends into the field, escaping detritus before joining the wall on your left.

From a corner stile above a wood, cross to another just yards further, and traverse two field tops to Leys House.

Enter the garden by a stile just down the wall, emerging between houses onto an access road.

From the stile in front resume as before, across a couple of field tops towards Near Leys Farm.

Advance to a stile above it, just beneath a gate onto Leys Lane.

Drop down to a stile on the left just past the farm. Head off along the wallside through several fields.

Entering a field just in front of the first building, Cook House, the locally used option keeps straight on along the back.

This locally used option then drops right through a gateway to meet the true right of way at a gate/stile just below/left.

The less obvious right of way immediately takes a poor stile on the right, passes right of the buildings to a stile in front of the house.

This less obvious right-of-way then goes out through a gate and on to a gate/stile just in front (meeting the unofficial way).

Cross the field top to a stile just short of the corner, then slant down the next field to West Closes.

Turn left along the access road out onto Green Lane at Glusburn Green.

Go left to a junction and follow the journey left again for a few minutes.

Just before a farm, a stile/gate on the right send a wallside track away.

A kissing-gate at the end sends you past an old reservoir to emerge into the open on a super green way.

The path runs on and slants down to a gate to meet a grassy track on a bend.

This drops slightly across a bracken pasture to a gate at the end.

Cross a farm track and continue along the wallside, reaching a stile just before the end.

Descend through a couple of gates onto an access road, which drops down onto the road on the village edge.

Go left to finish.