CONCERN over an "overloaded" Keighley roundabout was voiced at a meeting of a body that discusses transport matters in the town.

Keighley Public Transport Watch member Graham Mitchell pointed to the number of vehicles currently using the High Street roundabout.

He said one reason it is over used is because cars coming down West Lane to the Oakworth Road junction are not allowed to turn right at this point, so have to first turn left then return up Oakworth Road via the roundabout.

Commenting at the latest public transport watch meeting, Mr Mitchell said: "We've asked if we could maybe have either traffic lights or a mini roundabout at the bottom of West Lane, to see if this can be resolved."

Keighley Town Council watch and transport committee chairman, Cllr Michael Westerman, pointed out: "With the new housing developments being built the situation is only going to get worse."