BROADWAY comes to Glusburn Institute on May 19 thanks to 10 international professional performers.

They will be at the arts and community centre to present songs from the greatest Broadway and West End musicals.

There will be hits from shows such as Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, The Jersey Boys, Rock Of Ages, Chicago, Cats, Mamma Mia, Oliver, Singing In The Rain, Cabaret, Copacabana and Mary Poppins.

The institute will on May 4 host the acclaimed movie Dunkirk, which tells the true story of how troops were rescued from the French coast after the German army invaded the country.

In May 1940 Allied troops were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk.

Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found.

At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri will perform at the Institute on October 27.

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