A KEIGHLEY-based organisation has joined forces with Bradford's Lord Mayor to stage an event to raise awareness of the plight of persecuted refugees driven out of Burma.

The Greater Sylhet Development Council North Region, in conjunction with the Lord Mayor and Keighley Central Councillor Abid Hussain has arranged a special event titled "Bradford's Response to the Rohingya Crisis".

The Rohingya are Muslims who had lived in Burma but have been forced into neighbouring Bangladesh by a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing.

At least 800,000 of them are now living in squalid, desperately overcrowded refugee camps.

The event will take place at noon on Tuesday April 17 at Bradford Council Chambers, in City Hall.

Organisers Ashraf Miah and Fulzar Ahmed said this would be a multi-faith and open meeting to highlight the suffering of the Rohingya people, and to see what can be done to support them.

They said all are welcome to attend the afternoon.