START this walk from the centre of Kilburn village and you’ll see the famous White Horse.

Kilburn is the home of two famous Yorkshire ‘pets’.

Aside from its White Horse it boasts the ‘Mouseman’ workshops, where the little carved mouse climbs his furniture.

Also here are the Forresters Arms and St Mary’s church.

From the square head north through the village, keeping straight on the main road for a long half-mile to a junction.

At once the left fork begins to climb, entering trees.

Just above a car park a path goes right, climbing parallel with the road.

Drawing level with White Horse car park, take a fence-gap to cross the road into it.

With the horse directly above, a stepped path climbs its side to the top.

Over 300 feet long, the Whitecap horse was carved in 1857.

Like its southern cousins, this white horse’s non-chalk base requires regular up-keep.

Views look south over the Howardian Hills to the Yorkshire Wolds.

Turning left above the top of the horse, the path emerges above Roulston Scar, with big views across the Vale of Mowbray.

This spectacular mile’s walk around the escarpment has the additional interest of the Yorkshire Gliding Club alongside.

Reaching the start of a wood, leave the edge a path into trees, following an ancient boundary line to a T-junction.

Turn right for ten minutes to a bend where two enclosed tracks depart.

Take the one sharp left, soon turning right into High Wood. The main track runs a near straight line to drop to a fork at the end.

When you reach the fork, you slant right down to Scotch Corner chapel, a war memorial to old boys of Ampleforth College.

The track resumes down the edge of the wood.

On leaving, it continues down onto a rough road.

Go right to a through road, then left into Oldstead, featuring the Black Swan.

After the first buildings on the right take a path into a field.

Slant left up to a fence corner gate, then left on a fenceside track past a pond.

At the end take a gate/stile in front and resume along a hedgeside.

At the end drop round the corner to a stile, then slant down to a footbridge.

A path rises to a hedgerow gap, through which turn right along the hedgeside.

Emerging from beneath a gorse bank, slant briefly up then cross to a bridle-gate.

On beneath more gorse, a gap precedes a bridle-gate into an enclosed green way.

This joins a track, going right onto a road.

From a stile opposite, a thin path climbs to stiles at the top.

Cross a small enclosure to a gate, from where a path descends between houses onto a road.

Turn right through High Kilburn.

At the far end of the green the road drops to a bend, and from a small gate in front a path drops down the fieldside.

Crossing a farm track at the bottom, the path emerges into the churchyard.