A RESIDENT'S suggestion that Oxenhope Co-op could be re-located to the village's Millennium Green to stop parking problems in Station Road was described as a "non-starter" by councillors.

Cllr Robert Goulding said he had been asked to pass on the idea put forward by this resident to other councillors at the latest monthly meeting of Oxenhope Parish Council.

He said this person was concerned about both speeding along Station Road, as well as improper parking by some motorists near the Co-op store.

Parish council chairman Cllr Ken Eastwood said that as a Millennium Green trustee he could confirm that shifting the Co-op to this new location would not be possible, as one of the conditions placed on this land is that it should not be developed on.

"It would be an interesting proposal if we were designing Oxenhope from scratch, but as things are it's not viable," he added.

"I know there are problems – I've had my own car written off outside the Co-op.

"And people parking on pavements in the village, not just near the Co-op, is becoming an issue."

He said the only other possible solution would be to implement a one-way loop around the village for traffic, though noted this had not proved popular when it was suggested previously.

Cllr Tony Maw said in his view, parked cars along the roadside do have the unintended consequence of helping to slow down the speed of traffic, noting this was the case in Denholme Road.

Cllr Joyce Harrop said councillors must remember that Oxenhope Co-op is a "lifeline" for many people in the village, who rely heavily on access to its goods and facilities.