KEIGHLEY Picture House is hosting the world’s first oil-painted animation film on Sunday May 20.

Loving Vincent explores the truth about Vincent Van Gough’s death with animation based on the famous artist’s distinctive paintings.

In July 1890, a gaunt figure stumbled down a town street clasping his hands around a fresh bullet wound in his stomach. A young man, Armaud whose father knew the artist, is persuaded to uncover the truth by using clues and leads in the letter to his brother Theo.

Armaud begins to follow up various leads including a suspicion of murder by various suspects, and a story unfolds of the painter’s tortured, unhappy, misunderstood life.

The story is presented through Van Gough’s paintings, through the work of 125 classically-trained artists from 12 countries who painted 65,000 oil paintings mirroring van Gogh’s technique.

The movie, which took four years to complete, was produced in Poland and has won 17 awards.

Loving Vincent will be hosted by Keighley Film Club on Sunday May 20 at 6pm in the Picture House on North Street, Keighley. The screening is open to the public.