THERE’S a lot to get in before you’re five years old if you live in Keighley.

Childcare workers have set out to get pre-schoolers involved in up to 50 activities during their early years.

The 50 Things initiative, aimed at improving children’s language skills, was launched this month at the Rainbow Children’s Centre in Keighley.

The initiative, fully entitled 50 Things to do Before You’re Five, already operates in several schools across Bradford district.

It is funded by Big Change, a ‘social impact accelerator’ that supports big ideas that help young people thrive in life instead of just in exams.

50 Things aims to give young children exciting and fun experiences with “rich contexts” to develop their vocabulary and language skills.

Childcare workers help families find easy ways to get young children talking through the “amazing yet affordable” activities.

Examples of 50 Things include woodland wandering, wonderful waiting games, and “Ready, Steady, Blow!”.

Andrea Layzell, the project lead for 50 Things, said: “We’re trying to engage with every family with children under five in the Bradford and Keighley district.

“We need to ensure all early years staff in the district have access to good quality, accessible training, support and resources to create the outstanding practice all our children deserve.

“We need to help parents understand the significant impact of the home learning environment, including conversations at home, on the development of their children’s language.

“50 Things has the potential to offer a wonderful programme of activities to every family in Bradford, so that all our children will start school having done amazing, yet affordable things that will have got them talking.

50 Things leaders are working with education, health, and social care professionals across the district. There will be a branded website, posters, social media accounts and a smart phone app, and peer-to-peer support for parents.

St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre, which has responsibility for more than 4,000 children in West Bradford, is the lead organisation for 50 Things activities across the district.

Andrea added: “A great start to life makes a big difference to future social mobility as a young person and adult.

Email for further information or to get involved.