A KEIGHLEY councillor voiced her fears over the precarious looking condition of part of the river bank at Marley Playing Fields.

Cllr Andrea Walker, who represents Riddlesden & Stockbridge ward on Keighley Town Council, said this section of the bank of the River Aire appeared to be in a bad state, with waste material emerging from the eroding soil and ending up in the river.

However, the Environment Agency has said that while it is keeping the situation "under review", the bank's condition does not pose either a flood risk or a threat of pollution.

Rubbish from the tip beneath this part of the playing fields is being exposed as part of the bank crumbles, and is falling into the Aire below.

Among the rubbish is a large quantity of glass bottles, along with bricks and other builders' waste.

In one place the steep bank has now come within a few metres of the fence which forms the boundary of the upper Marley playing field.

Cllr Walker said: "I do think this needs dealing with, because it looks as if even more of the bank might give way. It's an environmental concern and a safety matter as well."

The Environment Agency spokesman said: "Natural riverbank erosion on a meander of the River Aire at Marley does not pose a flood risk but has, over time, exposed ash, pottery, glass and clinker from a historic landfill site operated by Bradford District Council.

"Water quality tests undertaken by the Environment Agency indicate the environmental risk from this material is low and does not presently have a detrimental effect on water quality or on the river habitat.

"However, we are working with Bradford Council to keep this matter under review and will reassess our position if there is further significant deterioration of the bank or if sampling results indicate a deterioration in water quality.

"If people are aware of anything that may cause harm to the environment, please call our 24-hour incident hotline on 0800 807060."