TOP Keighley bands from the 1960s have reunited for a special exhibition at Keighley Library.

The Presidents and the Doveston Brothers will perform on June 9 to highlight the exhibition featuring treasures from Keighley’s musical past.

The Doveston Brothers, who appeared at the London Palladium, have not played together for more than 45 years.

The Showtime 1960s display – which opened this month – is a follow-up to last year’s hugely successful display of 60s musical memorabilia.

Keighley Library staff member Janet Mawson curated the latest exhibition with the help of local historian and former rock musician Malcolm Hanson.

Michael said: “Janet has pestered anyone from Keighley who ever picked up a guitar or a drum, or sang in the 60s, including me.

“There are thousands of exhibits on show, including adverts of events from the time, and many, many photos of bands and soloists. People who remember the 60s Keighley music scene really must take time out to visit this exhibition.”

“In persuading The Presidents and, incredibly, the Doveston Brothers, to perform live, Janet has actually brought together Keighley’s answer to 60s pop royalty.

“One act rose right to the top playing the London Palladium –and you got no higher than that in the 60s – and the other act really were stars, locally, nationally, and internationally.”

The Presidents, with leading members Linda and Bruce Russell, reformed for the first time in several decades to perform at the 2017 library exhibition.

The band started out in the late 1950s as a skiffle group called the Zephyrs playing mainly Keighley youth clubs, but they also played clubs and dance halls like the Mechanics Institute supporting local dance bands.

As rock ‘n’ roll became more popular than dance hall music, the band renamed themselves The Presidents because three of the musicians played Hofner President guitars.

The Presidents’ line-up changed as some members joined other groups, and in 1960 the band consisted of Bruce Russell, Linda Nixon aka Linda Russell, Colin Hodgson, Chris Kelly and Linda’s brother Stuart Nixon. The Presidents disbanded in 1960, as three of the members joined The Beatniks to form the Beat Squad.

The members also went on to play with local bands, the Gary Lee Three, The Nomads, Rondo, Kelly’s Heroes and the Keymen.

The Doveston Brothers were a country and western trio, who played the Palladium in the grand final of the People National Talent Contest in 1971 and 1972.

Brian and Barry Doveston and fellow member Roger Mitchell all had day jobs in the engineering industry.

Brian went on to become a solo performer under the name Brian Eldee, while Roger and Barry were joined by a female organist-vocalist to perform as Three Dee.

Malcolm is currently researching Keighley bands and soloists from the 1970s for the next music exhibition at the library this autumn.

The June 9 event will begin at 1pm and will also feature a talk by Keighley historian Ian Dewhurst. The exhibition is currently open at the library.