OVER-50s in Keighley are taking up a dance style normally reserved for little children in tutus and tights.

The Wings Academy has begun running a ballet session for older people every week at Laycock Village Hall.

Founder Kimberley Noon said. "These gentle classes are ideal for over-50s wanting to keep fit and healthy, working at their own pace and ability. Each exercise has been specifically designed to help improve posture, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

“I haven’t come across any other class that specifically targets these five main principles."

Local dancer Kimberley set up the Wings Academy last year to offer dance and performance classes to all ages and abilities.

She has trained in many dance disciplines over the last 27 years and has taught in and around the West Yorkshire area since 2004.

Wings Academy offers an extensive range of classes throughout the week in the Keighley, IUdle and Guiseley areas, with more being added each term.

The sessions run at Laycock Village Hall every Tuesday at 2pm.

Email hello@wings-academy.co.uk or call 07761 916024 for further information.