A HOMAGE to Britain’s best-loved double act can be seen at Bradford Alhambra on Saturday June 30.

An Evening of Eric & Ern promises to evoke mirth and memories with a show crammed full of original magical Morecambe & Wise material.

There are classic routines, sketches and songs, coupled with contemporary references performed in the BBC icons’ inimitable style.

Performers and writers, Ian Ashpitel and Jonty Stephens have been performing and writing as Eric and Ern for almost five years.

A spokesman said: “The work and research into their subjects is there for all to see in their staggeringly accurate portrayal of the most loved and successful British comedy duo of all time.

“Ian and Jonty work closely with the families and estates of Morecambe & Wise and all scripts are vetted and authorised.”

Jonty himself said: “I have been fascinated with Eric for as long as I can remember.

“I took on his persona at school and it never really left me. He was the funniest and loveliest of men.

“We both feel it’s a privilege to play Eric and Ernie and some people have said it’s like we’re channeling them - some nights it does feel like that.”

Ian and Jonty met at drama school more than 30 years ago and continued their friendship, playing golf together at the Stage Golf Society in Richmond.

When Jonty was asked to play Eric at a charity show he saw Ian’s short fat hairy legs at the bar and they were off.

Having brought the house down the two then wrote some ‘bespoke’ material for their friends at the golf club.

Ian said: “That show laid the foundation for a very long and incredible journey that led to rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the West End’s Vaudeville theatre which was topped by an Olivier nomination for The Play ‘Wot’ We Wrote - Eric and Little Ern.

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