EVER wondered how to make gobly cake or woof pie?

Or maybe you prefer elderflower champagne, mutton collops, dock pudding or oven bottom cakes?

The closely-guarded secrets of how to create these tasty Tyke dishes can now be revealed to the entire world.

Silsden man Colin Neville is showcasing the blueprints for soups, main courses and puddings on his new website Traditional Yorkshire Recipes.

And he proves that there is far more than Yorkshire pudding and Wensleydale cheese to tickle the palate in God’s own county.

As you travel round the three Ridings you can sample Stanbury pasty, Huddersfield Hare, Yorkshireman’s Goose, potato oaties and ‘A Good Soup from Leeds’.

Colin said he wanted to try to keep the old recipes alive because they were an important part of Yorkshire people’s social history.

He said: “Cooking was, and still is, a way for people to be both thrifty and creative, and Yorkshire traditional recipes often emphasise both talents.

“There are around 60 traditional recipes so far on the s. If readers have old recipes originating from the Yorkshire region that they would like to publicly share with others, they can use the contact form on the site. 

“However, as I already have my 97-year-old mother-in-law’s Parkin recipe - and as that is delicious - I don’t want another!”.

Colin said his website drew on a range of sources, including old Keighley District recipe books from the archives of Keighley Library.

There are even some of the Baker Mike Armstrong has featured in his Keighley News column Friend in Knead. All the sources are acknowledged on the website.

The site also includes some recipes ‘Baker Mike’ has featured in the Keighley News . All the sources are acknowledged on the site. 

Colin said: “British regional recipes generally tend to follow the food easily available in any particular place – and recipes from Yorkshire are no exception.

“On the website people will find recipes that appear to have their origins, or are popular, within a particular area of Yorkshire. There will also be recipes that use food associated with the Yorkshire region, for example, Wensleydale Cheese.”

Colin Neville also curates a website called Not Just Hockney highlighting artists past and present who originate from the Bradford district.

Visit traditional-yorkshire-recipes.info to find the recipes and submit your own.