A MURDER trial has heard how a man accused of shooting Tyron Charles appeared "agitated" when he was seen a short time after the alleged killing took place.

The second day of James Sutcliffe's trial at Bradford Crown Court heard from Matthew Williams, a friend of Mr Charles who was sent to pick the 29-year-old up on the day he went missing.

Jurors heard how Mr Charles and his friend Adrian Williams had gone to see Mr Sutcliffe on September 6 last year because, according to Matthew Williams - Adrian's uncle - Sutcliffe and Mr Charles had agreed to swap cars and Sutcliffe owed Mr Charles some money.

The pair are said to have set off from The Royal pub, in Denholme, around 3pm and travelled to Sutcliffe's smallholding, off Foster Park View, Denholme.

Matthew Williams told the court he had seen Mr Charles at the pub, but his nephew was the only one to return.

Upon his return, Adrian Williams told his uncle to go and pick Mr Charles up from Sutcliffe's parents house because that was where he believed his friend was being dropped off by Sutcliffe.

When he got to Sutcliffe's parents' home, in Hill Crest View, Denholme, he said there were no cars parked outside and surmised that Mr Charles was not be there.

Mr Williams said: "I went to his street and turned round, then I saw his (Sutcliffe's) dad pull up.

"There were no vehicles outside so I didn't think he was there."

He then drove to the smallholding and arrived to find Sutcliffe stood next to a shipping container and a fire.

He added: "He climbed over a wall and came to see me.

"I said 'Where's Ty?' and he said he'd dropped him off at his house.

"He said Tyrone had punched him and it had got out of hand. He had a little red mark on his face the size of a 5p.

"He was moving non-stop and looked agitated.

"It looked like he had been leaning on his hand and not like he had been punched.

"His dad turned up so I drove off."

Lorrell Charles, Mr Charles' sister, said Adrian Williams had told her that he left Mr Charles at the smallholding because he was "kicking off" and Mr Charles had told him to leave.

Sutcliffe, 29, is accused of killing Mr Charles with a shotgun in a shipping container at the smallholding.

He is alleged to have hid the body on moors and police claim it was only discovered because they bugged conversations in prison between the defendant and his parents, where they spoke of destroying the corpse.