A REGIONAL competition and roadshow was hosted by Parkside School to further spread awareness of the topical issue of cyber security.

The event also helped introduce the cyber security industry to pupils, while educating them on the laws and the risks within this sector.

Personnel from West Yorkshire Police and leading industry players ran a pair of workshops at Parkside.

A spokesman for the school said: "These included a computer misuse activity and a Cyber Security Challenge UK game.

"By taking part our students gained new skills, and began to develop a network of friends and contacts.

"The students then had the opportunity to participate in a competition, called The Matrix Challenge 2018.

"This is an innovative cyber contest, designed and delivered by West Yorkshire Police and the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit, alongside Cyber Security Challenge UK and GrillaTech.

"The competition proved to be a really productive morning for everyone involved.

"Our students behaved in an impeccable manner and all of them got involved. We will eagerly await the competition results to see if we are invited to the final on August 18."