THIS summer’s heatwave saw increased numbers of people seeking emergency help at Airedale Hospital.

The soaring temperatures led to a surge in patients attending the Steeton site’s emergency department.

Stacey Hunter, chief operating officer at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We have seen an increase in people attending throughout the last three months.

“Some of this does appear to be heat related, in respect of dehydration and people with long-term conditions struggling with the high temperatures.

“Hot weather can increase the health risks to vulnerable patients including older people, children and babies, those with a chronic condition or mobility problems and even those who are physically active or work outside.”

She added: “During hot conditions we would advise people to try to stay out of the heat, take cold drinks regularly and keep their homes cool.

“It’s also important to check-up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be less able to look after themselves.”