A TEENAGE Keighley singer-songwriter is building an audience on YouTube thanks to his musical and visual skills.

Sam Clegg has been making music since before his teens and early on began creating imaginative videos to accompany them.

A former student of Parkside School in Cullingworth, 19-year-old Sam now has a dedicated fan base on his own YouTube channel, which has attracted almost 600 supporters.

Sam recorded his first track when he was 12, and began loading videos to Google Video, later switching to the hugely-popular YouTube.

His latest music video, to accompany the song Three Wishes, has attracted at least 2,000 views in the first month since release.

Sam’s proud mum Janet said: “The video was shot in a savannah-type desert location. It has expert drone footage to enhance the professionalism and encompass all of the desert location.”

Three Wishes is one of the 12 tracks on Sam’s first album Conflicting Emotions, all written, produced and sung by Sam independently.

Added: “The album has taken three years to write and produce. It has had 1,500 streams on Spotify and Sam is happy with his progress.”

In the future Sam plans to release new music videos for the tracks on the album.

The tracks include Pathological Liar, By Your Side, Send You to Hell, Feel Love, World We Live in, Can’t Be Dealing With This and Fight for Love.

Sam’s music can be seen on several social media and music platforms including the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google.