A COMPANY building 223 homes in Silsden has submitted details of landscaping, appearance and layout of the estate.

Barratt Homes has applied to Bradford Council for approval of ‘reserved matters’ that were not part of its original application to build the houses in a field off Belton Road.

In 2016 the council approved the building of 190 homes, and last year also agreed a revised application to add 33 more houses.

The latest application covers approval for “details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale, and associated infrastructure”.

In its submission to the council, Barrett also states that the original outline planning application did not have an environment impact assessment.

The original plans to build on the greenfield site had attracted vocal opposition, with concern that the site lay next to a floodplain of the River Aire.

The site has since been the subject of an archaeological dig, to excavate a burial chamber more than 4,500 years old.

A contractor accidentally cut a gas main on the housing site last Easter, cutting supplies to 3,500 properties in Silsden, and villagers rallied round to help the neighbours as engineers worked to restore power.