THE TRIBE of Noise gathered for the first time in Keighley and it was Awkward in a really good way.

Keighley rock band Awkward hosted the new open mic event for young people at the Jam on Top music studios.

The session, supported by Keighley Big Local regeneration programme, will now be held on the last Thursday of every month.

The Tribe of Noise is aimed at all aspiring young performers, such as musicians, band members, singer-songwriters, poets, storytellers and comedians. Youngsters can also go along if they simply want to watch and listen.

Big Local coordinator Shaun O’Hare said: “The first night was arranged and hosted by young lads and lasses in the area.

“It went well and a few more young people turned up. They use the big new performance space within the Jam studios.

"The Tribe is a great opportunity for young people to connect with music and the arts. Many children and young people don't get the opportunity to learn an instrument at school or home, so this is a chance.

“If you have a musical instrument that is gathering dust, we know some young people who can make use of it.”

Melanie Goldberg Hughes, parent of one of the Awkward musicians, said: "They all did really well considering it was their first gig as hosts. They were really pleasing people got up and gave it a go, we hope to see more there next month.”

Awkward came together through the Big Music project, which was also hosted by Jam on Top, based in a former mill building on Dalton Lane.

Awkward wanted to involve more young people and their activities, so they created Tribe of Noise with its own constitution and bank account.

They are being supported by both Big Local – which had covered the cost of a tutor for Big Music – and Keighley community development worker Muppett.

Future plans include arranging a mini music festival at Riddlesden Cricket Club and researching and sharing information on the history of music in Keighley.

Tribe of Noise will next meet on Thursday September 27.

The Tribe are looking for donations of “gently used” instruments and equipment for their library. Email

Anyone wanting to know more about Tribe of Noise should call 01535 600113 or visit the Tribe’s Facebook page.