THREE Yorkshire stone markers that welcome drivers to Steeton and Eastburn have been cleaned and repainted 18 years after they were first installed.

The three stones were originally erected in 2000 by Steeton Male Voice Choir to mark the millennium year and indicate the parish boundaries.

David Mullen, chairman of Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council, said the stones were definitely in need of a cleaning.

He said: “Because they are prominent markers to both Steeton and Eastburn it is important that they were renovated.

“We contacted Steeton Male Voice Choir who granted their permission to bring the stones back to their original state.”

David Gallagher, of David Gallagher Funeral Directors in nearby Utley, worked closely with his masons, Wright & Sons, and Cllr Mullen, to arrange the chemical clean and re-painting of the inscriptions.

Cllr Mullen said: “He was honoured to have been asked to carry out this work for the parish council

“He knows how important these markers are to the whole committee and communities.

“The stones have come up great and look like new.”

The next step will be look at enlisting a Steeton gardener who can plant around the stones.

The aim is to provide a smart and welcome appearance for both locals and visitors.