PARISH councillors agreed to allocate up to £1,300 to fund the next phase of work on Oxenhope Rose Garden.

Volunteer residents and members of Oxenhope Parish Council have been working on transforming and improving this prominent, public green space at the junction of Station Road and Hebden Bridge Road.

At their meeting yesterday evening (Sept 12) councillors unanimously accepted a proposal to spend up to £1,300 on the garden, which would include money for eight additional cherry trees.

Parish council chairman Cllr Ken Eastwood declared an interest in this part of the meeting, so did not take part in the funding vote.

But earlier in the evening he thanked all volunteers from the Friends of the Rose Garden group for the time and effort they have spent on enhancing this area.

He said the project had included a trip to Haworth Central Park to pick up ideas on what features could be introduced to the Rose Garden.

Cllr Eastwood said as well as the new cherry trees, the current plan for the garden includes planting rhododendrons and a mix of spring bulbs.

“We’re also thinking about planting some spuds and herbs to help improve the soil and give the community a little shared project,” he added.

“For the central flower beds we’re proposing that we leave those for now but in the spring we may plant them up in the same style as what we’ve seen in Haworth Park. These would be plants such as lavender and ferns.

“We want a scheme that is attractive but also easy to maintain.”

Cllr David Ashcroft suggested the council research what type of rhododendron it chooses for the garden, warning this plant can require a lot of work to keep it under control.

He also recommended the parish council buy larger cherry trees to ensure they become established faster.