A CLUB which was revived in 2012 to keep youngsters in Oxenhope occupied remains heavily in demand.

Nicole Whitters, chairman of Oxenhope Youth Club, delivered the group’s annual report at a meeting of Oxenhope Parish Council.

She explained the club staged 34 sessions between September 1 2017 and June 15 this year, each of which was attended by an average of 28 young people.

She thanked everyone who contributed to the club’s success. She explained it is backed by Bradford Council, Oxenhope Parish Council and with grants and donations from other sources. The club also carries out its own fundraising.

Mrs Whitters added: “Over the past two years we’ve had increased interest from the young people in helping to manage and organise the club, which is very encouraging.

“We’ve listened to the young people who attend and made changes to meet their needs. We had more than 50 young people attend our first session back on September 7 and envisage a busy year ahead.”

Parish council chairman, Councillor Ken Eastwood, responded: “It’s great to see the youth club is so active and to see how many youngsters are attending. I’m sure that as a parish council we’d want to continue our support.”

Cllr David Ashcroft told Mrs Whitters: “The youth club is one of the most successful things we’ve had in Oxenhope for a long time. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved.”