STUDENTS from Parkside School in Cullingworth have taken two trips to Paris in recent months.

The youngsters toured the historic city and visited Disneyland during their time in and around the French capital.

Student support leader Jennie Bailey said: “Both trips had over a hundred students on board ranging from Year Seven up to a few brave Year 11s who wanted to leave Parkside on a high!”

“We arrived on the first trip amongst the hype of World Cup Fever and drove at a very slow pace up the Champs Elysees seeing more sights than we bargained for!

“The itinerary had to be changed on the second trip after France won the World Cup and millions of French fans gathered near the Arc de Triomphe where it was impossible to move!

“Despite all this, we had a good few days and even managed to get staff member Mike Fergus on Big Thunder Mountain!”

Highlights on the youngsters’ time in Paris included a cruise along the River Seine, a trip up the Eiffel Tower, and watching Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The students also visited the Stade de France, the football stadium which is apparently only ever full for concerts or when the All Blacks are playing.

The Parkside students also visited Disneyland Paris.

Miss Bailey added: “The students did Parkside proud, and heartfelt gratitude goes out to the staff who were absolutely amazing!”

Parkside School students last year took part in the school’s first visit to Iceland, for a geography field trip.

A couple travelling on the same plane have later wrote to the school to praise the behaviour of the 38 students.

The students were able to visit some of the best sites Iceland had to offer, including the wonder of the Blue Lagoon.

In 2014 history students from Parkside toured the Berlin area in Germany, including a harrowing visit to the former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen.

They visited city location such as Wannsee Villa, the Olympic Stadium and glass-domed Rdichstag Building, and as light relief they visited the busiest zoo in Europe.

They visited Checkpoint Charlie – which formed the barrier between West and East Berlin during the Cold War – where they learned about daring escapes over the Berlin Wall.

The students toured the Jewish Museum on the final day.