RESIDENTS of badly neglected, unadopted streets in Oxenhope will be asked what action they might like to see taken to improve their roads' battered surfaces.

Speaking at the latest meeting of Oxenhope Parish Council, Councillor Robert Goulding said a draft consultation letter had been drawn up, which once finalised will be circulated to people living in an area of Oxenhope known as "The Square".

This includes Beatrice Street in Lowertown and several other residential side roads leading off it, all of which are in a poor state of repair.

Cllr Goulding had raised concerns about the state of these streets at a previous parish council meeting, when he warned the road surface would continue to deteriorate further if action isn't taken.

He said a mixture of home owners and tenants live in this part of the village, which would complicate any united, community effort to fund the necessary resurfacing work.