A TRIO of singing women and their bands will get steamed up about the blues in Keighley.

Lee Ainley, Zoe Green and Eliana Cargenelutti were due to perform next month at the Octagon in Sandbeds under the title Ladies of the Blues.

But owner John Pennington recently announced that the long-established live-music venue would close at the end of October.

The Café Choux Choux at Keighley railway station stepped in to provide the venue for the November 23 gig.

The Choux Choux, a bar that runs popular comedy nights, will be just one stop on a nationwide tour featuring the internationally-renowned singers.

Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm, the Zoe Green Band, and Eliana Cargenelutti will each perform their own set then end the show with a joint encore.

Lee performs with her daughter Tori Ainley and the “raw, untapped talent” of teenage guitarist Elliot Young.

Guitarist and singer Eliana Cargnelutti, from North Italy, plays rock blues, electric funk, raw rock and jazzy instrumentals.

Zoe Green is renowned for gritty powerhouse vocals and a massive stage presence.

Visit ticketsource.co.uk/bac2liverocks to book tickets. They are also available over the bar at Café Choux Choux.