AN OFFAL spillage is causing problems in Keighley this afternoon. 

A wagon has reportedly shed its load on Bridge Street/South Street in the town centre.

One onlooker said it was the "biggest lot" he'd ever seen and estimated the spillage stretches for around 100 metres.

He said: "Cars are having to go around it, there's people running away from it.

"It absolutely reeks.

The man said there is around five tonnes of spilt offal strewn across the road, with the wagon's cab also covered in the mess. 

Another passerby said the offal had been shed near the Percy Vere pub, on South Street, with some strewn across the adjacent pedestrian crossing.

She said: "It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. There are guts hanging off the wagon, which has parked up. Traffic is just driving over the top of the offal.”

The incident was reported to West Yorkshire Police by a member of the public as a precaution, at 2.10pm.