KEIGHLEY’S MP has proved that Ed Balls and the Prime Minister don’t have the politicians’ monopoly when it comes to dance moves.

John Grogan displayed his own fancy footwork when he visited a popular sequence dancing class at Keighley Civic Centre.

He joined in one of the Monday-afternoon sessions run by Deryck Feather, to help demonstrate the exercise benefits of dance.

“I have an office in Keighley Civic Centre and have often heard dance music wafting down the corridors,” said Mr Grogan.

“It is great to see so many older members of the Keighley community getting together to dance.

“Mr Feather’s energy and passion for dancing is fantastic and his class helps people to get out and about, stay healthy and socialise.

“I was advised that no experience or ability is required to join in, which is just as well in my case with two left feet! I got several offers to teach me a few moves.”

The class takes place at 1pm every Monday.

The cost is £2.50, including tea or coffee and biscuits.

More details can be obtained from Mr Feather on or 01535 662121.