START from a moorland parking area at Hare Hill Edge above Oldfield, 200 yards west of the Grouse Inn.

Head west on the Colne road away from the Grouse.

Just before the moor ends, take a walled path left down onto a road in Oldfield.

Turn left, and after the school take an access road right. At the bottom take a drive right, on to the end where cross a lawn to a corner stile into a field.

Follow the fence away to another stile, and a path advances on above a farm.

Cross the farm’s drive to a gate ahead and follow the left-hand boundary to a kissing-gate.

Now commence a sustained slant left to a kissing-gate, through a gate in the fence below, then down to stiles in descending walls.

A little path then drops left in a hollow, swinging right to run with a fence in the valley bottom.

Just before the corner a stile puts you alongside the River Worth.

Turn right to a stile onto Hob Lane.

Cross to the access road opposite, passing Ponden Mill.

The road bridges the River Worth then climbs to Ponden Reservoir.

Turn sharp left up an enclosed track, past the farm of Rush Isles and up to a bridle-gate at Buckley House.

Follow the drive left to a junction at Buckley Green Bottom, then double back right on an access road to Far Slack.

Don’t enter Far Slack but bear left on a path to a kissing-gate onto Stanbury Moor.

Rising gently above the wall, as it parts company the path soon levels out above a steeper drop into Ponden Clough.

At Middle Moor Clough drop to a small bridge and resume on the main path rising briefly left.

Double sharply back right around the clough’s rim, soon reaching the outcrop of Ponden Kirk.

The path continues to another stream, then swings back right to shortly leave the clough.

Dropping to a wall corner, don’t pass through but remain left of the wall, a thin path dropping towards Upper Ponden.

At a path junction just before its wall bear left, crossing tracks coming out from the house and continuing down to a firm track.

Cross over on a thin trod to a stile in the wall below. Leaving the moor, resume down a crumbling wallside.

At a gateway turn right along the rear of Whitestone to a stile, and on a walled way to a stile onto another such way. Turn left, dropping around the reservoir head, and merging into a driveway to join a road.

Go briefly left to a stile on the right. Ascend to a stile in a recess, and up two further fieldsides to houses.

Turn left at the top corner to pass through a small gate beneath the top house to join its drive.

This rises steeply away, and before a sharp bend left, take a path contouring left.

Through a second small gate it runs above Dean Clough to a gate onto a road.

Double back right to return to the start of your walk.