A GOD of Her Own is the title of a talk in Haworth this month about Emily Brontë and the ‘religious imagination’.

The talk on November 6 will explore Emily’s philosophy of life and how it expresses itself in her writing.

The talk, which begins at 2pm, will be free with admission to the Brontë Parsonage Museum.

A museum spokesman said: “As the daughter of an Anglican minister, Emily was a regular churchgoer and never, as far as we know, wrote anything which overtly criticised conventional religion.

“But she also has the reputation of being a rebel and iconoclast, driven by a spirit more pagan than orthodox Christian. How far is this reputation deserved?”

The monthly Brontë Treasures afternoon will be held in November 30 at 2pm in the museum, when a curator will offer unique access to treasures from the collection.

The cost of the event is £85 (£75 concessions), and places are limited to 12.

The Brontë Treasures event on December 7 will be by candlelight, when a member of the curatorial team will take visitors around the historic rooms while sharing facts and stories about several carefully-selected objects.

Late Night Thursday on December 13, until 8pm, will allow visitors to have a glass of sherry, visit the shop and see the parsonage dressed up for the Christmas season. After 5pm, entry is free to visitors providing proof of residence in BD22, BD21, BD20 or Thornton.