A SECURITY guard was injured while struggling with a thief armed with secateurs and a kitchen knife in a busy Keighley shopping centre, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Michael Reilley, 48, was caught red-handed carrying the bladed weapons after making off with two bottles of Persil from Poundland in Keighley.

He was banned from the town’s Airedale Shopping Centre but he was back in a week to threaten staff members with a broken scissor blade.

Reilley, of South Street, Keighley, pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article in College Walk, Keighley, and theft from Poundland, on April 25. He also admitted possession of the scissor blade on May 2.

Prosecutor Deborah Smithies said Reilley was seen stealing the detergent bottles and handed them back outside the shop.

He was escorted back by security guards but began struggling, pulling one man to the floor. When reinforcements arrived, Reilley drew a pair of secateurs and a knife was found up his right sleeve. One of the security guards sustained a cut to the palm of his hand. He had to be vaccinated and blood-tested.

Reilley was banned from entering the shopping centre but returned a few days later. He was apprehended in the toilets after making threats to stab the security officers.

He had 48 previous convictions, including for having bladed articles and possession of offensive weapons.

Reilley’s barrister, Abigail Langford, said he had been in custody since May. He had serious mental health issues, made worse by drug use.

Reilley was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a nine-month drug rehabilitation requirement.