TEEN singer Ben Jordan is looking for a record deal after finishing his debut album.

The 15-year-old from Cullingworth will release a single from the album on November 16 which will be available from major downloading and streaming services.

Parkside School student Ben spent several months recording the album, entitled Noise, at a studio in Norwich after being ‘discovered’ on holiday in 2017.

Ben has enjoyed singing and playing his guitar since the age of eight, and after being inspired by Ed Sheeran on YouTube could see a career for himself in music.

He headed for the the Open Mic circuit across Leeds and Bradford to try performing in front of a crowd, and soon realised he had potential.

Ben’s father James said: “After 12 months of laying down tracks, trips to Norwich and re-recording some tracks due to his voice changing, the album was complete.

“A decision then had to be made for the all important name of the album. One of the tracks that stood out on the album was called ‘Ghost.’

“This was written for Ben by the producer over the 12 months he had been working with Ben. This seemed the ideal title, so the decision was made to release the album entitled Ghost.

“Promised Land, one of the songs on the album, has been selected as a single for release on November 16 and will be available on all major downloading and streaming services. There will be a campaign social media and on radio so keep listening out.

“We are all hoping that a major record label will sign Ben soon, and he will follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran.”