KEIGHLEY Film Club has chosen another film with a Northern setting for their November screening.

The More You Ignore Me as an art-house film that brings dark comedy to a story set in Lancashire.

Sheridan Smith stars as Gina, a long-suffering mother with psychotic mental illness who is supported by her daughter Alice, played by Ella Hunt.

Alice uses the music of 80s rock band The Smiths to psychologically escape her domestic burden.

The film is based on a book that reflects comedian Jo Brand’s personal experience as a psychiatric nurse.

Jo is herself among a cast that also includes Sheila Hancock, Ricky Tomlinson, and Mark Addy as Alice’s father Keith who spices his own coping mechanisms by having a one-sided affair with the family’s GP.

Gina’s own episodes are thought to have been a consequence of postnatal depression, but has her own escape established a pattern mirrored by that of Alice and Keith?

On a daily basis Gina’s mental state is a controlling factor that weighs heavily on all the dysfunctional family members. Is Gina sub consciously punishing Alice for her birth?

Keighley Film Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said: “This is a story of how one family copes with such circumstances.

“The production team under director Keith English have brought together a bitter-sweet, funny tale that had reviewers extolling the cast’s ‘stunning performances’ and providing a ‘roller coaster of emotions from tears to romance and strong laughter’, while providing an uncomfortable example of how a family can cope.

“It is a story told with ‘grace, compassion and insight’ and yet up-ends many assumptions of mental illness. Perhaps It illustrates the need for all those of us who are faced with such caring demands to identify our own personal escape patterns?”

The More You Ignore Me, certificate 15, can be seen at Keighley Picture House on North Street on Sunday November 18 at 6pm. Doors open at 5.35pm.